Why Should Learn Selenium?

Top 10 reasons to examine Selenium are:

  1.  Open Special Source/ Free Tool.
  2.  No Special OS/ Browser/ Hardware Demands.
  3.  Multiple Programming Language Support.
  4.  Availability of Frameworks.
  5. Strong presence within the DavOps lifecycle.
  6.  Easy Integration with Other Tools.
  7.  Parallel & Distributed Testing.
  8.  No Dependency on GUI Based Systems.
  9.  Flexibility While Designing Test Cases.
  10.  Increasing Demand for Selenium Testers.

Introduction of Selenium:

Selenium become invented via Jason R. Huggins and group whilst they have been running on a challenge in Thought Works. He changed into operating on an internet software that required frequent checking out.

What is Selenium?  

              Selenium is a transportable framework for checking out internet programs. Selenium presents a playback tool for authoring practical checks without the need to learn a take a look at scripting language.  It has the functionality to automate browsers with precise browser bindings for automating internet applications for trying out functions.

Feature of Selenium:

Features of Selenium

The features of selenium web driver include:

It helps the one of a kind languages like: Java, python, C#, Ruby, Perl, Php, Java script.

Selenium server initializing isn’t always required.

It supports iPhone and Android testing also.

Web Driver finds any co-ordinates of any item.

Easy to recollect API’s.

Easy to integrate with testing frameworks.

Framework Development.

Parallel Testing abilities.

Why is Selenium Used?

Selenium automation testing tool is utilized by maximum of the corporations to their product.  Selenium is a transportable software program-testing framework for internet packages.

Selenium provides a file/playback tool for authoring tests without the want to learn a check scripting language (Selenium IDE).

uses of Selenium

 Uses of Selenium:

Automated checking out

Important Benefits

Reduction in Human resources

Several supplementary services

Fast and accurate

Support on more than one browsers

Supported via the dynamic community

Other feasibilities

Applicable to OOP

Nice integration support

More than one real-existence tasks and assignments with this certified Selenium checking out.

Components of Selenium:

Component of Selenium

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Selenium RC (Remote Control)

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium Grid

What are the testing types that can be supported by selenium?

Functional Testing.                                    type of selenium testing

Regression Testing.

Sanity Testing.

Smoke Testing.

Responsive Testing.

Cross Browser Testing.

UI checking out (black box)

Integration Testing.

Introduction of Web Driver:


The number one new characteristic in Selenium 2.Zero is the integration of the Web Driver API. Web Driver is designed to offer a less difficult, extra concise programming interface similarly to addressing a few boundaries in the Selenium-RC API. Selenium-Web Driver was developed to better help dynamic internet pages wherein factors of a web page might also alternate without the page itself being reloaded. Web Driver’s aim is to supply a properly-designed item-orientated API that offers improved assist for present day superior internet-app checking out troubles.

How to Download & Install Selenium WebDriver?

install selenium webdrive

Step 1 – Install Java in your computer. Download and set up the Java Software Development Kit (JDK) here. …

Step 2 – Install Eclipse IDE. Download ultra-modern version of “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers” right here. …

Step 3 – Download the Selenium Java Client Driver. …

Step 4 – Configure Eclipse IDE with WebDriver.

What are the benefits of Selenium?

Benefits of Selenium

The blessings of Selenium for Test Automation are gigantic.

Amongst the numerous blessings, Selenium is an Open-Source tool and is simple to get started out with for functional testing of net packages.

Importantly, it allows report and playback for trying out net applications and might run more than one scripts across numerous browsers.

What will you run in this Selenium training courses?

Selenium automated trying out benefits

Selenium RC

Deploying Selenium IDE features and instructions

Sikuli, JUnit and TestNG Plugin in Eclipse

Object Repository and Maven

Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

WebDriver packages like Textbox, Checkbox and a couple of Windows

Using Selenium Grid for software program testing.

Who should take up this Selenium training courses?

Software Developers, Testers and QA Engineers

System Analysts, Administrators and BI and ETL experts

About Selenium training courses:

Selenium training courses

Intellipaat Selenium education institute facilitates you learn Selenium, one of the pinnacle automation trying out tool. As part of the education, you’ll examine Selenium components like Selenium IDE, RC, WebDriver and Grid through palms-on initiatives and case research.

Selenium training direction, you will master automation checking out framework for internet applications, TDD, Selenium architecture, JaCoCo, TestNG and Sikuli. You can paintings on a couple of actual-existence tasks and assignments with this certified Selenium trying out education.

 Career in Selenium:

        Selenium career opportunity:

Selenium career

The digital international is transferring away from manual testing and with the appearance of latest automation tools is transferring closer to automation trying out.  Selenium has grew to become out to be the maximum popular checking out tool as it is simple to apprehend and offers a pleasant API. It has been identified as a effective open source automation device acknowledged for its powerful shipping. Developers are increasingly more using Selenium for internet application testing. Selenium may be used for multiple languages like Java, Python, Ruby and many others. And runs in special working structures hence its consumer-pleasant capabilities make Selenium the greatest tool available for checking out.

         Selenium Job Role:

Selenium job oportunities

Quality Engineer.

Automation Test Lead.

QA Engineer.

Selenium Automation Analyst

Senior Test Engineer, amongst others.

              Future of Selenium:

Selenium futures

Selenium is an open source device supports all the browsers to be had currently. Selenium net driving force automation framework is crucial for web-based totally take a look at automation. It is an extension to Java that offers assets to platform independence.







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