Learn Appium

Learn Appium

Why Should research Appium?

Because, Appium permits local, hybrid and web software testing and supports automation take a look at on bodily devices in addition to an emulator or simulator both. It gives move-platform software checking out, i.E. Single API works for both Android and iOS platform take a look at scripts. It has NO dependency on Mobile device OS.

Why is Appium the great?

Here, are the most substantial benefits Appium has compared to different mobile automation test equipment: Appium uses trendy automation APIs on all platforms, which there may be no want to adjust or recompile the app beneath take a look at in any way.To sum up Appium uses Selenium WebDriver JSON twine protocol to paintings with the local apps.

What is Appium?

After that APPIUM is a freely allot open supply cell application UI Testing framework. Appium lets in local, hybrid and web utility trying out and helps automation check on physical devices as well as an emulator or simulator both. It offers go-platform software trying out, i.E. Unmarried API works for both Android and iOS platform take a look at scripts.

It has NO dependency on Mobile device OS. Because

Appium helps all languages that have Selenium customer libraries like- Java, Objective-C, JavaScript with node.Js, PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, etc.

How APPIUM Works?

Appium is an ‘HTTP Server’ written using a Node.Js platform and drives iOS and an Android    consultation using Webdriver JSON cord protocol. Hence, before initializing the Appium Server, Node.Js have to be pre-hooked up on the gadget.

Install Appium Desktop:

Appium Studio is an Open source GUI app to install Appium Server. Also  Apppium comes bundled with all of the pre-necessities to put in and use Appium Server. Also has an Inspector to get primary information for your Apps. Therefore It comes with a Recorder to create boilerplate code to automate your cellular apps.

APPIUM Inspector

In the same vein Similar to Selenium IDE file and playback tool, Appium has an ‘Inspector’ to record and Playback. It facts and performs native utility behavior by inspecting DOM and generates the test scripts in any preferred language. However, currently, there may be no support for Appium Inspector for Microsoft Windows. In Windows, it launches the Appium Server but fails to look into factors.

However, UIAutomator viewer can be used as an optiSteps first of all Appium Inspector on Mac machine:-

Steps first of all Appium Inspector on Mac system:

Step 1) Download and begin your Appium server with the default IP Address zero.Zero.Zero.0 and the  port 4725.

  1. Select the source file or .App documents from neighborhood to test.
  2. Check the ‘App Path’ Checkbox to allow ‘Choose’ button.

Step 2)Now, click on on ‘Choose’ button will give the option to browse and select test report .

Step 3) Start Simulator on Mac system.

Step 4) Click ‘Launch’ button from a pinnacle right corner, which permits a blue coloration icon. Again, click on on this blue color icon, it’s going to open the Appium inspector and Simulator with a pre-selected software. Om the local power.

Step5)Launching your Appium Inspector will display the element hierarchy in column-sensible structure. Also, a consumer can apply movements using buttons like Tap, Swipe, and so on.

Step 6) Click on ‘Stop’ button to stop recording.

Why is Appium a famous device for automating Mobile Apps?

Appium is a “go-platform tool” i.E. It permits you to write down assessments on multiple structures (iOS, Android, Windows), the usage of the identical APIs. But it is the most extensively used tool for regression checking out Mobile Apps on mobile telephones and drugs.

Setting up the Appium Tool on Windows


This is a brief listing of software and hardware required for automating a mobile App checking out the usage of Appium:

Your PC must have JDK, Appium Server, Eclipse, Android SDK mount

Apk: Mobile Application to be automatic in our Case ContactManager.Apk

Testing Device: In this case Moto G

Jars: Java-consumer jars and Selenium Jars.

USB driver for Testing Device: In this example Moto G.

Appium Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what’s Appium?

Therefore appium is a freely allot open supply cellular application UI Testing framework.

2) List out the Appium competencies?

Appium abilties are

  • Test Web
  • Provides pass-platform for Native and Hybrid cellular automation
  • Support JSON cord protocol
  • It does not require recompilation of App
  • Support automation take a look at on bodily device in addition to comparable or emulator both
  • It has no dependency on cellular device

4)List out the constraints of using Appium?

Appium does now not aid checking out of Android Version lower than 4.2

However limit support for hybrid app checking out. E.G., no longer possible to check the switching movement of utility from the internet app to native and vice-versa

No help to run Appium Inspector on Microsoft Windows

5) Explain the way to locate DOM detail or x Path in a mobile application?

To locate the DOM element use “UIAutomateviewer” to find DOM detail for Android utility.

6) Explain the layout idea of Appium?

Appium is an “HTTP Server” written the use of Node.Js platform and drives iOS and Android consultation the use of Webdriver JSON twine protocol. Hence, earlier than initializing the Appium Server, Node.Js need to be pre-installed at the machine

When Appium is downloaded and set up, then a server is setup on our machine that exposes a REST API

It gets connection and command request from the patron and execute that command on mobile gadgets (Android / iOS)

It responds back with HTTP responses.

Google UIAutomator for Android API stage sixteen or better

Selendroid for Android API level 15 or much less.

7) What language does Appium help?

However Appium assist any language that support HTTP request like Java, JavaScript with Node.Js, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, and many others.

8)Explain the professionals and cons of Appium?


Appium does now not require greater additives on your App to make it automation pleasant

It can automate Hybrid, Web and Native cell packages


Running scripts on multiple iOS simulators on the equal time is viable with Appium

9)Explain what is APPIUM INSPECTOR?

Similar to Selenium IDE report and Playback tool, Appium has an “Inspector” to record and playback. However, Appium Inspector does no longer guide Windows and use UIAutomator viewer in its choice.

10)Mention what are the primary requirement for writing Appium checks?

For writing Appium assessments you require,

Driver Client: Appium drives mobile packages as even though it had been a person. To short up using a customer library you write your Appium tests which wrap your take a look at steps and sends to the Appium server over HTTP.

Appium Session: You have to first initialize a consultation, as such Appium test takes area within the session. Once the Automation is completed for one session, it could be ended and wait for every other session

Desired Capabilities: To initialize an Appium session you need to outline certain parameters called “desired abilties” like PlatformName, Platform Version, Device Name and so on. It specifies the form of automation one requires from the Appium server.

Driver Commands: But  You can write your test steps the use of a massive and expressive vocabulary of instructions.

11) Mention what are the possible mistakes one might encounter the use of Appium?

Therefore viable errors one would possibly face in Appium includes

Error 1: The following desired abilties are wanted however not furnished: Device Name, platform Name

Error 2: Could no longer discover adb. Please set the ANDROID_HOME surroundings variable with the Android SDK root directory direction

Error 3: openqa.Selenium.SessionNotCreatedException: A new consultation could not be created

Error 4: How to discover DOM element or X Path in a cell utility?

12) Do you need a server gadget to run assessments on Appium?

No, you don’t want server system to run assessments on Appium. But  you could have Appium going for walks at the same system in which your check runs.

13)Is it possible to engage with my apps using JavaScript at the same time as I am checking out with Appium?

Yes, it’s far viable to have interaction with App whilst the use of JavaScript. When the instructions run on Appium, the server will ship the script to your app wrapped into an nameless characteristic to be completed.

14) Mention what are the maximum difficult scenarios to check with Appium?

Therefore maximum difficult scenario to check with Appium is records exchange.

15) While the use of Appium can I run my assessments in a multi threaded environment?

Yes, you may run the check in a multi threaded surroundings but you have to make sure that no multiple test runs at the equal time towards the identical Appium server.

16)In Android, do you need an app’s .Apk to automate the use of Appium or you furthermore may want app in my work space?

In short up  Android, you best need .Apk report to automate the usage of Appium.

17) Explain what’s Appium package deal grasp? How to create package deal?

Therefore appium package deal grasp is also a set of equipment manage. However and create appium programs. For example to create package deal you could use the code

# using es7/babe1

Gulp create-bundle –n <package-name>

#regular es5

Gulp create-bundle —nobabe1 –n <package-name>

The bundle will be generated inside the out/<package-name>

18) Explain how check frameworks are supported by Appium?

Therefore Appium does not aid check framework as such there may be no need to guide them. Appium can be use with any frameworks you need.

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