Appium Mobile Automation Framework

Appium Mobile Automation Framework


Why Should Learn Appium Mobile Automation Framework?

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Because Appium is a terrific desire for check automation framework as it is able to be use for all these extraordinary app/web kinds. In the other  its architecture, Appium is an HTTP server written in Node.Js that creates and handles a couple of WebDriver classes. However Appium starts off evolve assessments on the device and listens for commands from the primary Appium server.

Who Invented Appium Mobile Automation Framework?

However Appium changed into at the beginning evolved by Dan Cuellar in 2011 beneath the call “iOSAuto”, written within the C# programming language. Therefore application became open-sourced in August 2012 the usage of the Apache 2 license.

What is ment by Appium Mobile Automation Framework?

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Therefore Appium is an open-supply take a look at automation framework for trying out native and hybrid apps and mobile net apps. It drives iOS and Android apps the usage of the WebDriver Protocols.  Appium offers go platform utility testing, i.E. Unmarried API works for each iOS and Android platform check scripts Protocol.

 Advantages of Appium Mobile Automation Framework:

  1. It’s loose and (mostly) open source.
  2. It has a very properly support and active Google organization.
  3. It’s within the Selenium 3 spec so should be destiny evidence.
  4. It helps each Android and iOS.
  5. It does not require anything to be mount at the device – no server or code changes require.

Drawbacks of Appium Mobile Automation Framework:

  1. No help for clever waits.
  2. On iOS, you can only execute one test at a time consistent with Mac.
  3. Limited support for gestures.
  4. Limited aid for Android < 4.1

How to Use Appium Mobile Automation Framework?

Step 1 − The prerequisites to use Appium is Java SDK (minimum 1.6). If you don’t have Java install on your system, then follow the steps given below.

Download JDK and JRE from Oracle JavaSE

Accept license agreement.

Install JDK and JRE.

Set environment variable as shown inside the screenshot under.

Step 2 − Download Android Studio from SDK (It will take time because of the size of the report).

Double click on the exe and run the installer.

Continue with all default options.


Step 3 − Install Android photos and equipment.

Click on SDK Manager −

Select the essential bundle. For example, if we’re constructing an App for Android four.Four.2, then make sure the following applications are check under the Tools phase −

Android SDK Tools rev 22.6.3

They Platform-tools rev 19.Zero.1

This SDK Build-equipment rev 19.1

Step 4 − Create Android Virtual Devices −

Open Android Studio and click AVD Manager within the toolbar. AVDs permit us to check and run our Android apps.

Use the following settings for a Nexus5 AVD −

Device: Nexus five (four.Ninety five, 1080 x 1920; xxhdpi)

Target: Google APIs x86 (Google Inc.) – API Level 19

Make sure you select the goal with Google APIs inside the name.

CPU: Intel Atom (x86)

Check the container for Use Host GPU

Click OK.

You need to now see the AVD you created inside the AVD Manager, wherein you could start it, delete it, or create any other one!

Step 5 − Download Appium jar files from Appium.

Basic Requirement for Appium Mobile Automation Framework?

IOS System Setup Requirements:

  • Mac OS
  • XCode
  • Apple Developer Tools (iPhone simulator SDK)

Android System Setup Requirements:

  • Android SDK & Java should be install nicely.
  • Appium setup for Android in addition to iOS on OS X, Linux, and Windows.
  • Define prefer capabilities for writing the Appium test.

Simple Structure for Appium Mobile Automation Framework?

Structure for appium

Propose an automation framework with five predominant modules as proven in the above diagram:

  • Therefore first module is the automation framework, upon which the check engineer will create the automatic trying out challenge.
  • Therefore second module is the Framework Library. However this module represents the actual testing project library for the automatic testing undertaking.
  • The Data and Report control module represent how check engineers manage check information and a way to generate test reports.
  • But after that is the Test Scripts module, wherein the Testing Engineers create automate trying out scripts for the testing task.
  • Finally, is the browser module or the internet app itself. This represents the Mobile utility under testing.

Architect of Appium Mobile Automation Framework:

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However appium is a HTTP server but written in NodeJS which internally creates and additionally handles the web driver periods. If we evaluate the Appium internet server and the Selenium Web motive force, the technique may be very similar.

So essentially, the Selenium Web driving force absolutely gets the HTTP requests from the purchaser libraries via JSON after which it handles these requests in another way.

Appium is nothing  however a HTTP server which is written in node.Js

Therefore appium structure is similar to that of Selenium Webdriver Server. So, basically, that is how the Appium tool works:

All the requests from customer libraries will be acquired.

Therefore  commands are accomplish on emulators and goal devices.

Sends HTTP responses.

Therefore Appium device only supports iOS and Android and doesn’t guide home windows platform. Therefore Appium architecture isn’t like iOS to Android.

What is Appium Mobile Automation Framework Design?

Similarly generally speak me, a framework is describe as a real or conceptual shape create to offer help or steerage to an entity that would expand in future. Below are a number of the important thing parameters that a software program tester needs to hold in thoughts, while developing a check automation framework.

How to Design Appium Mobile Test Automation Framework?

In other hand  the software checking out area, customers and the business network have gain maturity to recognize the benefits of implementing a take a look at automation framework.  However Test automation framework plays a vital position in the success or failure of any software automation venture.

What is Appium Mobile Automation Framework Testing?

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A “Test Automation Framework” is scaffolding this is laid to offer an execution surroundings for the automation check scripts. The framework gives the person with diverse benefits that assist them to increase, execute and report the automation check scripts efficiently.

Types of Appium Mobile Automation Framework Testing?

  1. Linear Scripting Framework.
  2. Modular Testing Framework.
  3. Data Driven Testing Framework.
  4. Keyword Driven Testing Framework>
  5. Hybrid Testing Framework.
  6. Behavior Driven Development Framework.

Why Appium is the best tool for Mobile Automation Framework?

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Let us now see the main factors at the back of Appium being the first-rate choice for cellular automation Framework:

  1. Use of preferred API: However Appium is extensively popular because amendment of codes or a recompilation of your app is not require because it makes use of the usual API in all the platforms. Appium makes it handy to create your checks against iOS and Android platforms with identical API. But, separate iOS and Android scripts are nevertheless need as the UI factors vary on both the structures.
  2. Use any WebDriver well matched language: However Appium offers the freedom from getting lock into a select language or framework to jot down and run the checks. But any WebDriver well suit language like Perl with Selenium WebDriver API, Java, PHP, C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript with Node.Js may be use for writing the assessments.
  3. Testing Framework of Choice: Appium offers flexibility to mobility teams to apply trying out framework in their choice. Earlier, assessments ought to simplest be written thru  JavaScript the usage of the UI Automation of library for Apple or Java base totally exams ought to best be written thru UI Automaton of Google. However Appium absolutely change this situation.

Benefits of Appium Mobile Automation Framework:

  • Supports any programming languages (thanks to json wire protocol)
  • Able to check iOS and Android.
  • Supports automation of hybris, native and webapps.
  • Helps a couple of frameworks.
  • Commonly used programming API’s may be incorporate.
  • Pass-platform.
  • Open supply (unfastened).

What Language does Appium Mobile Automation Framework Use?

However Appium likes computerized checking out, taking benefit of your developer abilties. Therefore framework can automate native, net and hybrid mobile apps, and you could take a look at on a real tool, a simulator, or an emulator. Your take a look at script can use ANY LANGUAGE that Selenium supports (Java, Python, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, and so forth.).

Limitation of Appium Mobile Automation Framework:

Therefore  Appium does not carry out trying out on mobile devices guide Android Version lower than 4.2.

So doesn’t perform nicely on hybrid app testing and face difficulty in checking out the switching action of application (from the net app to native and vice-versa).

Career of Appium Mobile Automation Framework:

Therefore Mobile application automation trying out has a very vital scope in the area of software program testing. Mobile software trying out is consider as one of the essential checking out exercise, as daily, we see drastic increase in mobile app development, i.E. Each day, lots of cellular apps are advance, which will be for Android or iOS. Mobile take a look at automation affords diverse test solutions, which assist you to affirm and validate the general functioning of the cell apps. Mobile programs are growing in recent times because of notably increase of cell usage.

        Job opportunities:

  • Test Automation Engineers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Software Engineers, Automation Test
  • Automation Architect
  • Mobile Testing Engineers

Conclusion of  Appium Mobile Automation Framework:

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In standard, they’re loads of alternatives supply by means of Appium for cell app testers, so whether it’s miles a native app or hybrid app, the device may be use efficiently. With any take a look at automation device to be had within the marketplace, they have got their advantages and disadvantages, it’s miles the same case with Appium device. So, at the same time as choosing any take a look at automation tool, one has to simply test the compatibility and primarily based at the requirement, they could don’t forget using Appium.

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