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Microsoft Word

Why should learn MS word?

Learn Microsoft word

MS Word educational gives basic and advance standards of Word. Our Word tutorial is design for novices and professionals.

Microsoft Word is a computer software application written through Microsoft. It is specially use to design textual content for presentation.


62 training

Create, shop and share documents.

Apply pre-designed Styles and format text with fonts and colors.

Work with bullets, indents and line spacing.

Insert photos and screenshots.

Set up page format for margins, columns and printing.

Create and replace an automated Table of Contents.

Mail merge to envelopes, labels, emails and form letters.

Add remarks, track changes and compare documents.


Introduction of Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is application software program develop with the aid of Microsoft Inc. Microsoft is an American multinational technology enterprise. It is phrase processing software program. In one whole bundle.

Let’s take a look at useful bars in Microsoft Word.

Title Bar: – Title bar is at the top of the window while you open a Microsoft Word application.

Menu Bar: – Menu bar consists of all the menus along with File, Home, and Insert, Page Layout, and many others. These menus and features are equipment that you have to use to create expert looking documents in Microsoft Word.

Standard Formatting Bar (Sub Menu): These are the category of functions and functions dive below Menus consistent with their use. Such as below Home Menu, you could locate Clip Board, Font, Paragraph etc. These are subcategories of Main Menu Bar.

Ruler Bar: Ruler bar is most critical to recognize. Rule bar is use to align the record. You can set margin and paragraph spaces via the use of it. You can find left indent, the proper indent within the ruler bar.  One is on the top of the white page(typing vicinity) and secondly is on the left side.There are two scrolling bars. One is the horizontal bar and the second is the vertical scrolling bar.

Status Bar: the Status bar is use to see the web page quantity, general words, select phrases, etc. Its most important paintings is the show the fame of the page. You can locate spelling and grammatical proofreading alternative within the right after page quantity and phrases. And at the right aspect of the popularity bar, there are page perspectives, zooming options.

The identity of MS-Word File

In different words.Document is an extension of Microsoft word report. There are pre-design templates that you can use to create diverse types of private and legit documents.

Microsoft Word free download

Word is a loose word processing software very just like Microsoft Word. It is available for Linux distributions most effective. Choose Start, type the name of the utility, like Word or Excel, inside the Search programs and files field. In the hunt effects, click on the software to start it. Choose Start > All Programs to see a listing of all your programs. You may want to scroll right down to see the Microsoft Office institution.

What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word or MS-WORD (regularly known as Word) is a Graphical word processing application that customers can type with. It is made by using the laptop business enterprise Microsoft. Its cause is to allow users to type and shop files. Similar to other word processors, it has helpful equipment to make files.

MS Word is the most famous word processing software program used nowadays. A word processor is basically a automatic version of the same old typewriter.  When attach to an electronic mail, digital files, create through MS Word may be deliver in seconds. Another advantage is that it allows the user to kind faster and extra correct.

Do you need Microsoft Word?

You can use the Word Pad utility covered with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. If you want to do greater than that even though, you’ll want a extra powerful phrase processing software.

There are also features that will let you create a desk of contents with a single click. You can insert footnotes too, as well as headers and footers. There are options to create bibliographies, captions, a table of figures, or even pass-references.

Do You Have Microsoft Word?

You would possibly have already got a version of Microsoft Word in your laptop, tablet, or maybe your telephone. Before you are making a buy you have to find out.

To see if you have Microsoft Word hook up on your Windows tool:

Click the + sign beside Software Environment.

Click Program Groups.

Look for a Microsoft Office access.

Where to Get Microsoft Word

Office 365 is a subscription even though, something you pay for month-to-month. If you’re no longer inquisitive about paying month-to-month, do not forget shopping Office outright. You can evaluate and buy all of the available editions and suites on the Microsoft Store.

What is Microsoft word essay?

Microsoft (MS) Word is a phrase-processing software this is maximum frequently utilize by college students for writing academic essays. The software is likewise known as Microsoft Office Word.


The History of Microsoft Word

Over the years there had been many variations of the Microsoft Office suite. These suite variations had names like “Home and Student” or “Personal”, or “Professional”.

Here are the recent Microsoft Office Suites that still comprise Word:

Microsoft Word 365) is to be had and up to date frequently in Office 365


Function of MS word

Microsoft Word or MS-WORD (frequently called Word) is a Graphical phrase processing program that users can kind with. It is made by using the computer corporation Microsoft. Its reason is to allow customers to kind and store documents. Similar to different phrase processors, it has helpful equipment to make files.

Formatted text

Formatted textual content is any textual content that consists of unique formatting including font size, font coloration, bold, italic, etc. When copying text, format textual content is any textual content that continues its settings from in which it’s far copy.

Text formatting refers to the attributes of text other than the real textual content itself. For instance: bold, italics, underlining, color, and length, are all formatting attributes of textual content.

The region of textual content can also be taken into consideration part of the formatting. Text can be robotic ally target, indent, or locate in other approaches.

The other textual content will be “paint” with the formatting of the unique text decide on. If you double-click on the Format Painter button, then it’ll be “lock” and you can paint masses of textual content. When you are complete, click on the Format Painter button once more to show it off.

Standard Toolbar

When you open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, the Standard and Formatting toolbars are turn on with the aid of default. The Standard toolbar is place simply underneath the menu bar. It consists of buttons representing instructions together with New, Open, Save, and Print. The Formatting toolbar is place with the aid of default subsequent to the Standard toolbar.

Microsoft Word Parts and Functions

Word has functions design for each of those styles of customers.

Uses of Microsoft Word

We lets in you to create expert-first-class documents, reviews, letters, and resumes. Examples consist of private and formal enterprise letters, resumes, cover sheets, and homework.

Steps for Learning MS Word

Open, close, resize the MS Word Window

Create a brand new record (Highlight template alternative)

Navigate around the MS Word Window

Become acquainted with the Microsoft Button menu

Review formatting and other equipment at the ribbon.

Use Job Seeking Cover Letter to Learn Formatting Tools

Become acquainted with textual content formatting tools

(Font, bold, italic, underline, size, & justification)

Demonstrate highlighting, replica, reduce, & paste

Understand distinction among delete and back area

Change justification, line spacing, and margins

Use tab, indent icon, and bullets to indent text

Add photographs, photos, headers, or footers the usage of Insert

Instruct on a way to use the “Spell Check” feature

Complete the Process

Print or print preview the document

Save, store-as, rename, flow, and delete record

Note on Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word or MS-WORD (regularly refer to as Word) is a Graphical phrase processing application that customers can kind with. It is made through the laptop agency Microsoft. Its motive is to allow customers to kind and keep files. Similar to other word processors, it has beneficial equipment to make documents.


Microsoft Word is use to create diverse forms of reputable files that you can print and post. When you open a Microsoft Word, it contains a default file, like a paper. This record is use to type and write whatever you need. Both excel and phrase programs are cover in Microsoft Office Suite.

It is a proprietary product of Microsoft Corporation and become first launch in 1990. It mainly consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, One Note, Outlook and Publisher applications.


WordPad is a Microsoft Windows program that you may use to create files which includes letters, notes and posters. Although able to doing more than Notepad, WordPad isn’t as superior as Microsoft Word. However, it does give you additional functions, along with the functionality of inserting snap shots and textual content formatting. The photo beneath indicates an example of Microsoft WordPad.

How do I open Word Pad?

WordPad is a part of the Microsoft Windows running device.

Follow those step-by way of-step instructions on the way to open Word Pad.

Is Microsoft WordPad unfasten?

Although able to doing more than Notepad, Word Pad isn’t as advanced as Microsoft Word. However, it does give you additional features, inclusive of the capability of putting images and textual content formatting.

How do I install Word Pad?

Open the Start menu and kind “Folder Options” into the hunt box. Click the “Folder Options” listing that appears.

Advantage of MS

Advantages of Word processing

Microsoft Word is the industry-general word processing software use on maximum computer systems. With Word, you may create files.and whole a number of different capabilities associate with word processing. This program includes with it several advantages that you may benefit from.


One of the advantages of the usage of Microsoft Word is that it’s miles available practically everywhere. Word comes trendy on many PCs. You can generally for your paintings computer, computer systems at school and your home PC. If you need to perform a little may usually discover a computer with Word on it.

Integration with Office Programs

What Are the Advantages of Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is the enterprise-fashionable phrase processing software used on maximum computers. With Word, you may create documents and entire a number of other functions associated with phrase processing. This program includes with it several advantages that you can gain from.

Integration with Office Programs

Another advantage of using Microsoft Word is that it easily integrates with other Microsoft Office packages. You can paintings with packages along with PowerPoint as properly.

Instant Help

While you are developing a report. Word also allows you make sure. That it is the satisfactory it could be. When you misspell a phrase. Microsoft Word will at once underline it. You can then click at the phrase and get recommend spellings. If you kind a sentence that has poor grammar. Word will underline the sentence for you. This lets in you to alternate the report while you’re still working on it.

Navigation Pane

Therefore microsoft word offers an easy-to. use navigation pane at the pinnacle. This lets in you to look visible representations of some of the capabilities which you would possibly need. You can absolutely preserve. Your mouse cursor over. An icon to see precisely what it does. Then you can click on at the buttons to initiate certain features and responsibilities.

Document Flexibility

Word additionally gives templates to help you create sever other files, such as calendars and greeting playing cards. You also can save files in a selection of formats, inclusive of a Web page.

Disadvantage of MS Word

5 Disadvantages of Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Word is the primary phrase processing software within the world.
  • Ribbon.
  • Too Many Option
  • Expensive.
  • Prone to Virus Attacks.
  • Large Files.


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