Why Should Learn Monkeytalk?

Because Monkey speak is an open supply automation tool. It supports each Android and iPhone. It may be very smooth to study and it is an effective purposeful checking out. Easy Readable Test script.

 Why Monkeytalk?

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However native, cell, and hybrid app, real devices or simulators. Moreover, automation saves time, it is reusable, repeatable and so forth. Monkey talk is an open source automation device.But it supports both Android and iPhone. It may be very smooth to study and it’s an effective useful trying out device.

What is meant by Monkeytalk?

Therefore MonkeyTalk is an open supply mobile app automation testing tool for Android and iOS. However this open source tool may be use for easy ‘smoke exams’ or for ‘information-driven take a look at’ suites on native, mobile, and hybrid apps, actual devices or simulators.

 Benefits of Monkeytalk:

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  • MonkeyTalk is a free and open supply, move-platform, powerful functional trying out device.
  • MonkeyTalk statistics and plays back incredibly readable and maintainable take a look at scripts for native iOS and Android apps, in addition to cell internet and hybrid apps.
  • That is easy and clean to learn.
  • They helps Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems.
  • MonkeyTalk scripts are fairly readable and comprehensible.
  • So works with Emulators, Simulators, Tethered and Actual Hardware devices.
  • We doesn’t require any sturdy scripting/programming knowledge.
  • Its supports both telephones and capsules.
  • MonkeyTalk supports Keyword pushed and Data-pushed principles.
  • We helps Jenkins & Hudson for non-stop integration.
  • They generate the outcomes in HTML and XML format.
  • It additionally provide JUnit reporting.

Component of Monkeytalk:

MonkeyTalk IDE – It is used for file/playback of take a look at scripts

MonkeyTalk Agent – It is a library that must be introduced to permit the testing. There are extraordinary retailers for distinctive platform i.e. For android and iOS. The agents permit packages to document and play MonkeyTalk Commands.

MonkeyTalk scripts – Scripts consists of the all the actions. With the help of scripts, we will take a look at the overall functionality of an app. MonkeyTalk scripts may be written in 3 forms which can be,

o   In JavaScript form

o   In tabular form (i.e. In exceptional cells)

o   In MonkeyTalk form (In single line layout, one line considered as a one command).

Installing MonkeyTalk:

  1. First, you need to deploy the MonkeyTalkIDE. See the MonkeyTalkIDE Installation Guide for exact instructions.
  2. Next, you will want to put in the MonkeyTalk Agent in your iOS app or Android app or each for cross-platform trying out. See the MonkeyTalk Agent for iOS Installation Guide or the MonkeyTalk Agent for Android Installation Guide depending in your platform.
  3. To the other hand  automate the build method for MonkeyTalk enable apps see Building with Ant.

How to Install Monkeytalk for Android (Setup)?

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  1. Open your Android Project in Eclipse.
  2. Right click at the project call and pick out Configure>>Convert to AspectJ Project.

3. Create “libs” folder for your Android Project and put MonkeyTalk-agent.Jar in “libs” folder. MonkeyTalk-agent.Jar may be located in the “sellers” folder within the MonkeyTalk package.

  1. Right click on on MonkeyTalk-agent.Jar > AspectJ Tools > Add to Aspectpath.
  2. Open AndroidManifest.Xml and include the following permissions:

o makes use of-permission android:name=”android.Permission.INTERNET”

o uses-permission android:call=”android.Permission.GET_TASKS”

  1. Now RUN your utility right click on at the Project and Select Run As>>Android utility.
  2. You could see Android Emulator will appear and your software receives deployed on the emulator.

8. Launch MonkeyTalkIDE , which lies underneath “win32.Win32.X86win32.Win32.X86MonkeyTalkIDE” folder.

9. Goto New>>MonkeyTalkProject, New Project window must seem. Provide assignment call and click on in “Finish” button.

  1. Right-click on the challenge folder and select New > Test. Provide File name and click on on “Finish” button.

11. Launch Android emulator and open your MonkeyTalk enabled application at the emulator.

  1. Click on the relationship dropdown button on the device bar and pick “Android Emulator/Tethered Device”.

13. If connection changed into a success, a message have to appear within the console.

  1. Click “Record” on the MonkeyTalk IDE.

Requirement to Start Testing with Monkeytalk:

Download and set up Java

Download MonkeyTalk Pro

Need Eclipse or Android Studio to configure the supply code

In the other hand order to report the script with MonkeyTalk, we need to configure the build with some dependencies.

Therefore most important thing used for MonkeyTalk is the MonkeyTalkAgent. Any construct together with Android or iOS need to be included with Monkeytalk, in any other case, the device cannot understand the elements of the app.

As a result, we cannot document or run the script on our check app. Therefore  build that is included with MonkeyTalkAgent is referred to as as Instrumented construct.

Instrumentation may be performed in 2 approaches as follows:

Therefore MonkeyTalkPro affords an inbuilt feature to instrument the build, which injects MonkeyTalkAgent to the built.

Otherwise, we can manually combine the MonkeyTalkAgent by using configuring the supply code the usage of eclipse or Android Studio before deploying the build.

Before we start configuring the source code, we want to install “AspectJ” plugin in eclipse. Therefore  techniques to put in AspectJ plugin is to be had here. Once the plugin is installed, Now the open our assignment supply code in eclipse.

Supported Platform for Monkeytalk:

  • Mac os x
  • Windows
  • Linux

Configure Android Application for Monkeytalk:

1) Open eclipse and import the source code into eclipse downloaded from the above link.

2) Convert our Android venture to AspectJ

3) MonkeyTalk-agent.Jar may be determined inside the “retailers” folder inside the MonkeyTalk package we downloaded in advance, and can be downloaded here. The precise call of the jar may range depending on the model, but it ought to always begin with “MonkeyTalk-agent”.

4) Create a “libs” folder in our Android undertaking, if we don’t already have one.

5) Copy the .Jar into the libs folder.

6) Right click on on MonkeyTalk-agent.Jar > AspectJ Tools > Add to Aspectpath

7) Update AndroidManifest.Xml to consist of the following  permissions:

  1. Android.Permission.INTERNET
  2. Android.Permission.GET_TASKS

8) Update the challenge houses (proper-click at the venture > Properties > Java Build Path), select the Order and Export tab, and check the checkbox subsequent to the AspectJ Runtime Library to export it:

9) However  Deploy software to an Android device or emulator.

Application of Monkeytalk:

  • Native App:

Apps are considered to be the most reliable, showing super performance whilst compared to hybrid and web apps.

However Addresses apps are evolve for a specific cell platform using specific programming languages and technologies. But IOS apps, as an example, are written in Objective-C and Swift, Android apps in Java or Kotlin. C++ is used for local Windows and Blackberry apps.

Native app development is desired for: high-overall performance apps

       Advantages of local programs:

  1. Access to integrated capabilities of the device
  2. Native UI/UX
  3. Available from app shops
  4. SDK for developers

      Disadvantages of native app improvement:

  1. High price and lengthy improvement time
  2. Complicated and high-priced protection and aid
  3. Content not visible by way of search engines
  4. Support of multiple variations of the application
  • Web App:

However a net app, similar to any internet site, is constructed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There also are net app frameworks – sets of gear which make the development process quicker and extra efficient. MeteorJS, React and Angular are the maximum popular JavaScript net development frameworks and one of the trends of 2018 at the net, just as Laravel for PHP.

Web apps are excellent for: news, weather, e-trade, social apps, forex converters, expense managers, and so on

      Advantages of web packages:

  1. Build the development team speedy
  2. Support each tool, each platform and each model of OS
  3. Fast deployment of latest features
  4. No need to assist more than one variations of the software
  5. No app keep approval
  6. Visible to serps

      Disadvantages of web apps:

  1. Internet connection required to function properly
  2. Not to be had inside the app keep
  3. So appropriate for apps with a complex frontend
  4. Never  native enjoy
  5. Limited get right of entry to to smartphone’s capabilities
  6. Ad blockers
  • Hybrid App:

Therefore hybrid app is, in a manner, a compromise among internet and native app development. It combines the blessings of each types of app improvement.

Therefore  hybrid software is technically. However  a web app pack in a native app field. Like the internet app. It’s miles written in HTM. CSS and JavaScript. Unlike the net app. It is allot through the app save. Or Over-the-Air for iOS devices. Another distinction is that the hybrid app is reliant on the WebView and now not the cellular browser.

Hybrid apps are desirable for:Banks, information, media and content material delivery structures.

     Advantages of hybrid cell apps:

  1. Cross-platform.
  2. Web improvement technology.
  3. Lower rate.
  4. Reaching a wider audience.
  5. Downloadable from the app shop.
  6. No ad blockers.

      Disadvantages of hybrid apps:

  1. Limit overall performance.
  2. Not native look’n’feel.

Limitations of MonkeyTalk:

  • Therefore  Mobile app underneath test need. Therefore  be instrument with MonkeyTalk.  Agent which means that get admission. To to source code is require. Or help from developer is need. Also, 3rd party apps. (like Camera, Map and so on.) cannot be examine.  Similarly as the source code is not to be had.
  • Currently, it is able to be used simplest. However for iPhone and Android applications checking out.

Verification in Monkeytalk:

During script playback. Therefore MonkeyTalk verifies that each reference.  UI factor exists and then executes the relate motion. However  If a predict thing does not exist, They will record a script failure. For example, if your script attempts to tap on an OK button. And no OK button is currently display. The script will fail. Additionally. However You may use the Verify commands. However  to add express verification steps.However your script to check that anticipate. Values in shape actual ones.

Future of Monkeytalk:

This is a easy but relatively powerful check. However Automation device for iOS and Android packages.  There are so many thrilling matters yet to manifest in the global and with all the upcoming features to test desktop apps, flex cell apps, more dependable. However tests for game engines of cell video. Games and so on. Therefore has a high-quality future beforehand of it.


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