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Why Should Learn Selenium? Top 10 reasons to examine Selenium are:  Open Special Source/ Free Tool.  No Special OS/ Browser/ Hardware Demands.  Multiple Programming Language Support.  Availability of Frameworks. Strong presence within the DavOps lifecycle.  Easy Integration with Other Tools.  Parallel & Distributed Testing.  No Dependency on GUI Based Systems.  Flexibility While Designing Test Cases. … Read moreSelenium


Features of unity

Why should learn unity technology? Learn via building. Learn Unity and sport development from start to finish with Unity Game Dev Courses. Create an outstanding searching game. Go at your own tempo. Start your adventure. Who created unity technology?                  The first version of Unity (1.0.0) was created by colleagues: David Helgason, Joachim Ante and Nicholas Francis in Denmark.The … Read moreUNITY TECHNOLOGY

Natural Disaster

Why should learn Natural disaster Management System? Natural disaster management everyday life can be disturb by means of natural screw ups (Wisner, 2004). So, in this text is analyze the Serbian geographers contribution in analyzing of natural screw ups and catastrophes. Evereydays life can be disturb by way of natural screw ups (Wisner, 2004). So, … Read moreNatural Disaster

Visual Effect

Why should learn Visual Effect? Visual results (abbreviate VEX) is the procedure by way of which imagery is create or manipulate out of doors. The context of a stay motion shot in movie making. However, Visual results is the term use to describe. Any imagery create, alter, or superior for a film or different moving … Read moreVisual Effect

learn data structure

learn data structure

why should learn data structure? Introduction learn data structure In the current international. Data and its statistics is an vital element, and various implementations are being made to shop in different approaches. Data are just a series of records and figures, or you could say statistics are values or a set of values which might … Read morelearn data structure

learn Auto Cad 2-d

learn Auto Cat 2d

why should learn Auto Cad 2-d What is Auto CAD?   learn Auto Cad 2-d. During the 1980’s, a set of engineers interest by simplifying how draftsmen, architects and engineers technique drawing projects, mind-stormed and got here up with the idea of refining the difficult Cad procedures that were famous within the 70’s. To do this, … Read morelearn Auto Cad 2-d

learn adobe Dreamweaver

learn adobe Dreamweaver

 why should learn adobe Dreamweaver? What is Dreamweaver? Learn Adobe Dreamweaver is a software program application for designing internet pages, basically a greater fully featured HTML internet and programming editor. The application gives a WYSIWYG (what you spot is what you get) interface to create and edit web pages. Dreamweaver supports many markup languages, together … Read morelearn adobe Dreamweaver