Internet Terminology

Internet Terminology

Why should learn internet terminology ?

What is internet terminology ?

World Wide Web :

The World Wide Web is a collection of digital files (known as internet pages) which might be related together like a spider internet. These documents are stored on computers referred to as servers located around the arena.

Web Server:

A Web Server is a computer that stores web pages. Therefore, It is answerable for accepting request(s) from customers and serves them with web pages. Therefore, Two important net server applications are: IIS and Apache, and so on. Web servers are connected to the Internet 24 hours an afternoon, seven days per week.


It is an element in an digital file that hyperlinks to another place inside the same record or to a wholly different record or other aid. However, Hyperlinks normally seem as underlined textual content and in a distinct shade, however they’ll also seem as snap shots, which include buttons to click.

Hyperlinks can be used to hyperlink any other area inside the same web page, or some other web page, to play an audio or video record, to download a report, to installation a message to an e-mail address, and to link to different Internet sources.


It is a language that consists of positive key words called ‘Tags’, used for writing the documents on the internet.

Web Page:

A web web page is an digital report written in a pc language known as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).Web pages can comprise text, snap shots, video, animation, and sound, as well as interactive functions, inclusive of facts entry forms. However, Each page has a completely unique deal with referred to as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that identifies its location at the server. Therefore, Web pages normally contain hyperlinks to other net pages.


A website is one or extra net pages, belonging to a selected organisation, institute, authorities or an character. The first page is call the home page, which acts like an index, indicating the content material on the web site. 248 :: Data Entry Operations By default the home web page is know as as index.Htm. From the house page, you can click on links to get entry to other net pages.

IP Address:

Computers do now not apprehend letters or symbols that humans use to communicate effectively. Therefore, Computers apprehend numbers-specifically, 1s and 0s. Thus every host at the Internet has a completely unique host quantity. Therefore, This range is refer to as the Internet Protocol deal with, or IP cope with. The IP cope with is a completely unique cope with, generally write inside the layout xxx.Xxx.Xxx.Xxx, wherein xxx represents a 3 digit quantity that varies between zero and 255.

Basic of internet terminology

Internet Terminology:

Here is a list of the phrases related to the shape and design of the Internet.


The acronym stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. ARPA of the UnitedStates Department of Defence developed ARPANET, which have become the world’s first packet switchingnetwork. Internet is the successor of ARPANET.


A Microsoft Corporation multimedia video layout. Therefore, It makes use of waveform audio and virtual videoframes (bitmaps) to compress animation.


A employer, which offers customers with an get admission to to the Internet, is call an Internetservice provider or Internet access provider. ISP, as it is refer to as, offers email accounts andother services like faraway storage of documents for its customers. However, Here is statistics aboutchoosing a cheap ISP.

IP Address:

It is a manner of numerically figuring out an entity on a computer network. However, The unique addressingsystem known as IPv4, used 32 bit addresses. With the growth of the Internet, IPv6 got here to be usedwherein the addresses are compose of 128 bits.


It is a group of interlinked documents which are accessible over the Internet. Therefore, It includes millions of internet pages that include text, snap shots, voice and videos. However, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a Britishscientist working at CERN, created the World Wide Web.


It specifies the region of a aid on the Internet. Therefore, It consists of the fundamental cope with andpath.

Web Page:

Web pages are assets of information. However, They are generally create in the HTML formatand offer the net customers with navigational competencies through links to other net pages at the internet.

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