Learn occupational therapy


Learn Occupational Therapy

learn Occupation Therapy
learn Occupation Therapy


In this challenge you will develop a knowledge of occupation, environments as contexts in which occupation takes place and the interconnection among human occupation and health. Interactions between people, their occupations and the surroundings might be explored from historic, cultural and personal views.

Types of Occupation: a. Profession b. Employment and c. Business!

  • This is realize that monetary activities are undertaken to earn cash.  people engage themselves in such activities on a regular foundation and are stated to be engaged of their occupation.

Occupations may be categorized into three huge categories:

    (a) Profession:

  • A person might not be an expert in every discipline.  example of : To services of medical doctors for our treatment, legal professionals to get criminal assist . They are all engaged in profession.  profession  are refers to a career, which calls for specialized information and training to pursue it.

     I) Specialized expertise:

  • How  profession calls for specialized expertise to be acquired via schooling.  A medical doctor’s son can’t come to be a health practitioner without pursuing the vital direction of research for clinical diploma. A lawyer ought to have knowledge and training in law if you want to offer criminal carrier to the people. To be a chartered accountant one has to pass the examinations performed via the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

    (ii) Service reason:

  • The number one goal of every career is to offer service. The specialists get a few remuneration for presenting such services.
  • Medical Council of India are the professional bodies installed to adjust the capabilities of chartered accountants, lawyers and docs in India, respectively.

    (iv) Code of Conduct:

  • These specialists have a code of conduct developed by way of the worried professional body. This ensures uniformity in operating of all of the specialists.

    (b) Employment:

  • Employment refers to an occupation in which a person works often for others and get salary/profits in return. Government servants, organization executives, bank officers, manufacturing unit people are all said to be in employment. Let us find out about the traits of employment.

     i) Work for others:

  • People engaged in employment continually work for someone else. They should observe the instructions of their boss or company.

   (ii) Terms and conditions:

  •  The organization who gives employment normally decides these conditions. The man or woman searching for a activity have to be a part of the paintings only after being happy with the phrases and situations.

    c) Business:

  •  It a regular foundation with the high objective of making income. Mining, production, buying and selling, transporting, storing, banking, and coverage are examples of commercial enterprise activities.

      ex:  LIFE COACHING

  • Healing often involves assessing your lifestyle; ex: sleep, ergonomics, diet, stress management, exercise programs and social networking. Occupational Therapists are here to help you in many aspects of your life.

    Advantages of Occupational Therapy

  • Working with the different clients and supporting them gain their goals gives opportunity of meeting new human beings.
  • There are many work putting you may choose from.
  • A paintings on component-time basis.
  • The task may be fun.


learn occupation therapy


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